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What I do

Certified Athletic Trainer

Professional cutman

Experienced with over 30 shows worked every year in more than 25 states. Expert hand taping, legal and efficient fighter preparation, and unmatched fight damage management during fights. His combined training offers the fighter the best safety and support available to allow for longer fights and greater chances for success. His assessment and emergency management skills give a ringside physician a great asset to better manage the safety of a fighter. No cutman in the worldcan offer the same level or combination of skills and training.

How is David different from the rest?

"I'm not a jack of all trades, I'm a master of one. That trade is one of being a sports medicine expert. I'm not a coach, I don't claim to be a fighter, my knowledge is strictly as a medical expert. That formal training is what no other cutman can offer and those skills are what every fighter deserves, and nothing less."

What advantage does he bring?

"I'm able to assess and assist a fighter more closely to protect his chance of success and his overall future. Like a second set of eyes for the physician, yet with skills to offer that a fighter doesn't want left to anyone less trained."


Strength and Conditioning

Sports Physical Therapy

The ideal combination of formal training to perform as a true cutman. Experience working with the NFL, MLB, multiple major universities, PGA, and WTA. Over 20 years experience.

Doctorate degree in physical therapy with formal sports residency training. Board certified sports clinical specialist with 18 years experience

NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist since 2001, with skills that compliment his other talents to enhance rehab and to refine training programs for any athlete

Formal teaching experience based on doctorate-level training and residency completion. Corner instruction coursework and specialized programs can all be offered to any size group.

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